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Here's where some of you will think me a dick but I make no apologies We both go inside and I ask him if his wife knows about the naked teenager? Guys have no shame in answering in their boxers. When I was driving a cab I went to this house to pick up this guy and he's not ready but he invites me in while I wait. She just lay there with her eyes closed she knew I was there while he blathers on to be honest I wasn't paying any attention to him talking til he says he's ready to go. Anyway, I remember one time I pulled up to this house and all of the lights were off and it looked like no one was home.

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When she answered she was covering them and said "sorry, I thought you were my boyfriend.

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I always at least put a robe on, could never imagine answering the door in my boxers. We have this question asked a lot. Racism, general trolling, and verbal abuse are included in that definition. You've found the subreddit where we post our amazing Tales From The Pizza Guy, including any and all stories from the heroes of food delivery! If a redditor can find out who you are by looking through your post history, then so can your employer. He was attractive enough that I didn't mind, though I don't know if attractive is the right word. Children of Poseidon in Entertainment.

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  1. Holy shit at first she sounded familiar, then I realized I actually know this girl, she's from my city wtf