Mississippi spring break nudity

Families with kids shall be disappointed to learn that no one under the age of eighteen is allowed. Temperatures which commonly reach F in summer, cool down to around 60 F in winter. It is a low-dollar event. Keesler opens on Lake Harbour Drive November 2, Plans were made far in advance of the event to attempt to have less disruption than was seen during the first Black Springbreak event in which caught local people by surprise when an estimated 30, black students descended on the Coast. To worsen things, there are no shower facilities near the nude area.

But that takes time, money and hard work.


I think that the message is any visitor here is welcome as long as they are law abiding. But even prior to the event the casino had indications that a lot of their customers would give Treasure Bay a pass that weekend. Be sure to provide me with your feedback. As a consequence, there were numerous flies. From a business perspective, my greatest concern is that the Coast Chamber has endorsed the referendum to adopt a new state flag. Ferry hours do limit the amount of time you may stay.

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