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She told me she was a dominatrix, rattled off the names of 15 guys she slept with, their dick sizes, and what their specialty was in bed. I startled another drummer who pushed back on his chair to get out of my way and flipped backward making another huge noise so everyone in the band turned around and the director cut the music and asked if I was okay. Once I calmed down, we started up again … until he got a nose bleed from me kneeing him in the face. This post contains description of sexual violence. We had a fun night with his friends, and then socialized and drank in the hotel room when we got back.

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Or, should it be, "So what?

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My Inbox Is Full of High School and Middle School Students' Stories of Sexual Assault

Of course I thought it was just a typical get together. Well, thankfully for all those voyeurs out there, the general hivemind of Reddit got together and shared all of the most embarrassing moments from that time in their lives. I was sent home and my punishment was to tell my parents what I did, while the school and her parents decided how best to discipline me. People were coming up to me calling me 'the anal beads guy' all night. We were just friends, until I took the hint, and shoved her against the wall of an elevator and started making out with her. At one point we decided to switch positions, me leaning over the bed and him behind me. I was so mad at myself and I promised myself that by the end of the night I would kiss him!

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middle school teen sex stories
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middle school teen sex stories
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